Evangelist Britain Emel's Biography

I was saved September 27, 1975. I was called to preach the following year. After serving in the Army 12 years, I got out of the military in 1995. I joined Cornerstone Baptist Church, in Colorado Springs, Colorado and attended college at Colorado Baptist Bible College and graduated in 2001.

Under the leadership of Pastor Dean Miller, I served as Junior Church preacher, Sunday school teacher, nursing home preacher and in 2001, bus captain of the Fountain bus route. On this route, the Lord greatly used me. On our big day we had over 106 in attendance.

In April of 2007, with the counsel of Pastor Matt Miller, we started the Voice of the Rockies ministry. This ministry is designed to be an encouragement to churches and their pastors.

Since then, I have preached in many of the Rocky Mountain States. God is greatly using me to see souls saved and encouraged, and to be a blessing to these churches. Please call me today, so I can be used in your area.